You’ll never have time if you don’t make time

TimeI discovered this short nugget of wisdom one weekend while at work.  I was complaining to a colleague about not having enough time.  He asked me what I would do if I had more time.

I told him how I would work out more, ride my bike, take my nieces and nephews hiking, go to concerts with my husband.  He picked up my franklin planner and walked it over to me.  He opened the book to the month of June.  “Show me where you have these things planned”.  My calendar had openings for the activities but none of my desires were planned.  He said:  “You will never have time if you don’t make time.”

I immediately began to take ownership of my schedule.  I realized that each day I am making choices about how I spend my time.  Sure, there are trade-offs to be made: career, health, family.  To blame someone else or something else other than me for not having enough time suddenly became an absurd notion.  How I spend time is my choice.  What about you?


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