You don’t win trust, you earn trust

RedFlagHow do you earn something? Well, you earn a paycheck by showing up and doing your job. A paycheck is a business transaction.

Trust, on the other hand, is a very personal interaction where there is a back-and-forth trading of gifts. The exchange is 1:1 and the value is priceless. Trust is how I feel in my gut about what you will do with my gift (ideas, knowledge, feelings) when I share a piece of myself.

When I’m air-lifted into a situation where I don’t know people, I start by sharing low risk things (usually my knowledge) to see what happens. If red flags pop up in my gut, I protect my gifts. I stop sharing. If my gifts are treated with care and respect, I take more risks and share more of myself.

Trust currency accumulates over time, it’s not a one-time gift exchange.