You can only manage what you can measure

How many members do we have? What’s our retention rate? Growth? How many website visits? Likes, Retweets, Followers….. It seems like between Change Management Institute, my consulting business and my social change initiatives I spend a lot of time tracking and analyzing metrics.

Why do it?

The obvious answer is to track progress. But there is a more important reason and it is a million times more important than collecting the data. It’s the impact reporting progress has on the team.

I managed a friend’s city council campaign last year. Each week, I shared the number of doors knocked with the volunteers. By sharing the information the team began to see themselves in the numbers. They shared stories; tips about what worked and what did not work. They owned the data and collectively built a sense of pride. Weeks when we fell short of our goal, the team became more determined to make up the difference and do more! When the numbers were above goal, they raised the bar.

The leader doesn’t own the data. The leader owns the process of distributing truthful and accurate information in a way that can be easily digested by the contributors.


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