You are the boss of yourself

bossThis laser lecture came about out of frustration with my nephew. He had just graduated from high school and my husband and I took him on a trip to San Diego, California for his graduation gift. He would be going to Michigan State University in a couple of months and I felt like he should be making his own decisions and holding himself accountable for his actions. He suggested that I would be to blame if he got a sun burn.

I wanted to give him a long lecture about growing up, going away to school, holding himself accountable, guilt, consequence and taking care of himself.

I held back, tossed him the sunblock and said:  You are the boss of yourself.  Period.  Nothing else.  He has never forgot it and occasionally reminds me of it.

It is important to listen to the words that are not said.  The silence.  As a coach, stick to facts, not opinion.  Silence can be a weapon of change.



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