Will agile software development replace the project manager?

Agilelogo3The consensus at my table was that agile software development can quickly add value to the business. It does not replace the job of a project manager, but it does change the role.

Last Thursday I facilitated a discussion on this topic while information technology experts floated from table to table.  I hosted 4 groups in 80 minutes and the conversations were a rich sharing of experiences sprinkled with a spicy blend of advice and opinion.

What do you think? Are we expecting more refined leadership from today’s project manager?

Notes from the session are below:

•Agile is not a methodology
•Stop pushing the date
•Sprints force priorities
•Business value is key
•Iterative process – not new
•Not everything should be  agile
•Borrow & merge to find the fit
•Change  management needed
•Articulate the value – sell it!
•Agile’s focus is on product
•Need mature, dynamic leadership
•Greatest challenge is the human element
•Fund from the business – sell to the workforce
•Any project can be agile if the right plan and people
•Doing it ½ way is bad unless I want to be out of control
•Grow the PM role: Mom, Engagement Manager, Program Manager, Visionary, Climate Creators, One-Throat-to-Choke, Change Manager, Driver
•Project Manager becomes a senior consultant: budget, resources, scope, tracking



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