Theory is good, practice is better

changeOrganizational Change practitioners are buzzing about the soon to be released ACMP Standard for Change Management and the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK) which was released in 2013 by the Change Management Institute.

There is some disagreement about which is the better resource, but I’m not concerned. Actually I am delighted to see the business of managing change becoming a mature practice and people showing desire for guidance.  But, what we need to remember is that these are references, not silver bullets. They are tools of our trade. Just like when a carpenter comes into your home and finds a termite nest under the floorboards; the change practitioner needs to use that crowbar (stakeholder analysis, leadership interviews, and success measures) to look under the organizational floorboards before developing an approach.

Regardless of the ‘book’ you ascribe to, the way to perfect your craft is to practice. Try something to see if it works. Try again and again until you become a skilled craftsman (or woman). But never let best practice references out of sight because within them lies ideas that stimulate theories. Lead ON!


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