Take the time to know yourself

Just when you think you got this, change happens and you are forced to rediscover you.

I was reminded of this last week by Stedman Graham, a keynote speaker at the Partnering for Performance conference.  He spoke about his book “Identity: Your Passport to Success” where he explains how knowing yourself is the launching pad to success.  His book begs the question:  “Who am I?”  At work, at home, in the community?  Does my job define me?  Do the things that happen to me define me?  Only if we let them.

mirror-self-reflection-image-216x300Again I was reminded when 3 women in Cleveland were rescued after 10 years in captivity.  Jaycee Dugard, a rescued victim of 18 years herself, was interviewed.  What she said gave me hope.  This experience ‘isn’t who they are.  It is only what happened to them.”  For the past 10 years these girls defined success as survival.  Now they begin a new journey leading themselves in their recovery.  I agree with Stedman – start with identity!  My best to them and everyone searching to know themselves.



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