Care enough to know people

I used to be that person who walks into work without a “good morning” and immediately get’s down to business. I was all about work, results, getting it done!  I was obsessed. I didn’t hate people…..but I didn’t care about them either.

Everything changed for me one day when a successful business women and mentor took me aside. Continue reading Care enough to know people

Leadership Act 5: Care

shutterstock_338704478Leaders are courage coaches. They stand beside, not in front of, people to sort through challenges. Courage coaches genuinely care. They look at work challenges as life challenges and encourage people to be their best. They use kind words and let people know they are appreciated. They want the best for others even if it creates a challenge for them.

A few weeks ago I heard Richard Sheridan speak about how his company, Menlo Innovations, has grown. He told a story about how he and a pregnant worker figured out how she could bring her new born to work. Continue reading Leadership Act 5: Care