frontPack An Extra Pair of Underpants: Leadership Inside Out is a story about running away, seeking change, reinvention and self discovery. Learn how Michelle tackles life situations while developing a leader’s toolkit; the 7 Acts of Leadership. Many relate to her story as she faces leaving home as a teenager, obstacles to achieving an education, career challenges as a woman in business and an ethical dilemma that launches her career as an entrepreneur. Well into her management career, she discovers the key to leadership is to pack an extra pair of underpants; secret code for “show you care”.   Available in print or digital format.


Explore your leadership potential by using the companion workbook as a guide to leadership development in the digital age.workbook_cover

Are you ready to deliberately design your leadership style? Use the twelve activities included in this workbook to craft a vision for yourself. Begin with your leadership potential assessment and work through each activity at your own pace.

The 7 Acts of Leadership Workbook is available here in downloadable pdf format or through Amazon in print or digital format for any device.

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This one page quick guide is a memory jogger for those interested in strengthening their leadership behaviors.  Available to readers free. Lead ON!

Discussion Guide for Book Clubs
Discussion Guide for Book Clubs
This guide offers questions by chapter so that meaningful discussions can take place and readers can hear different points of view.  Available to readers free.