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01/24/2016 Winter Newsletter – The theme for blog posts in 2016 and a few sample Laser Lectures. A bit on Holacracy and 3 book reviews on Leadership, Change and Project Management books.

10/01/2015 Fall Newsletter – Laser Lectures Weeks 1-26, My Summer Vacation, Change Leadership with the Change Management Institute, and Project Managers as Agents of Change at the Great Lakes Chapter of Project Management Institute.

01/17/2015 Winter Newsletter – Laser Lectures Weeks 42-52, For Women Only, Coaching Tips for Collage, CMI Linked-In Group, Let’s Grow Leaders, and What do YOU think?.

10/11/2014 Fall Newsletter – Laser Lectures Weeks 29-41, Coaching Gen X tips, Change Management Institute, Developing Leaders and Fun Holiday Gift idea.

7/12/2014 Summer Newsletter – Laser Lectures Weeks 14-28, Trends report from Deloitte University, MCWT Women in Transition, Book Club Guide and Ally Financial Women in Technology.

3/19/2014 Mar Newsletter – Laser Lectures Weeks 5-13, Hour Detroit Review, How to have a 5-Day

2/11/2014 Jan Newsletter – Laser Lectures Weeks 1-4, Book Launch, Mentoring Presentation to Trainers (ASTD)



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