Learn to say, “this is unacceptable”

Yesterday I attended my first Moms Demand Action (MDA) Advocacy Day in Lansing, MI. It was not a demonstration or a bunch of angry moms screaming and yelling. It was a gathering of women and men, young and old, moms and non-moms, and everything in between coming together to learn how to have a meaningful conversation with our representatives in the state house and senate.

Before we arrived in Lansing, MDA volunteers had already scheduled meetings with our representatives and arranged us into groups.  After meeting our neighbors over coffee and donuts, Emily Durbin taught us how to have a conversation with our reps, and what to expect from our meetings. A role play demonstration was helpful and fun!  About 400 of us gathered at the steps of Michigan’s historic capitol building for a picture before setting off to our respective meetings. We were a sea of red MDA shirts on a beautiful sunny day navigating the campus.

Thank you to Martin Kowrylak and Diana Farrington for meeting with our group and talking about red flag legislation, the future of SB584-SB586 and more. As usual, Martin Knollenberg was not available. His staff graciously received us. I did get the chance to ask Mr. Murray if Sen Knollenberg would agree that doing nothing was unacceptable. Mr. Murray replied, “Everyone would agree that doing nothing is unacceptable”.

Now, let’s come together and set some goals to keep our families and communities safe.

If you believe in the 2nd Amendment and common sense gun ownership you don’t need to be a mom to support this nonpartisan group fighting for #socialchange.    Moms Demand Action


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