Laser Lecture Story

During my 30’s and 40’s I was committed to a career in management. I was climbing the proverbial corporate ladder when I experienced an overlap between work and home. I realized that when my nieces and nephews called me for guidance I was developing coaching skills. A competence necessary for success at work.

symbol of wisdom and vision
symbol of wisdom and vision

When the kids called, I listened.  In some cases, that was all they needed. Other times I provided short bits of advice, something without judgment.  My advice had to be easy to remember and immediately actionable.  After all they were just kids. They have short attention spans. Very much like my colleagues at work.

Every once in a while I would actually say something profound. Amazed by my brilliance, I would write the leadership tip on my doodle page and toss it in a expandable hanging folder labeled “laser lecture”.

As the years passed, I began to recognize repeating lecture themes.The folder expanded. Each time a call came in, I listened while I searched through doodle pages, sticky notes, envelopes or journal pages seeking an opportunity for reuse. Through all the mentoring and coaching experimentation came a growing list of reusable Laser Lectures; a targeted reminder on how to lead your life. I built a unique connection with each of them, sharing wisdoms because I cared. These lessons I took into the workplace.