Laser Lecture List

symbol of wisdom and vision
symbol of wisdom and vision
  1. Learn to say “that’s unacceptable
  2. If it’s important, leave nothing to chance
  3. You cannot be, until you see
  4. Surround yourself with people you admire
  5. Never take your network for granted
  6. We teach people how to treat us
  7. Stereotyping is never the right thing to do
  8. You’ll never have time unless you make time
  9. You don’t win trust, you earn trust
  10. The only thing you can change is you
  11. Care enough to take the time to know people
  12. People are listening
  13. Theory is good; practice is better
  14. Always communicate as if you’re being recorded
  15. Seek advice, listen, and reflect – but do what’s right for you
  16. If it gets emotional, shut up
  17. Manage to the best case, plan for the worst
  18. The door to change opens from within
  19. Be a friend, listen, then shut up
  20. Hold conversations in confidence
  21. Deliberately build your reputation
  22. You’re the boss of yourself
  23. Time is the only commodity you own; use it wisely
  24. Pack an extra pair of underpants
  25. Act on facts, not assumptions
  26. Know your boundaries
  27. Take the time to know yourself
  28. Hold yourself accountable
  29. How you spend your time, and who you spend it with, defines you
  30. Never drink, or text, and drive
  31. Never get into a car with someone who is impaired
  32. There’s no substitute for thinking
  33. Your most powerful communication tool is your behavior
  34. Know yourself before attempting to communicate with others
  35. Do not enable bad behaviors
  36. If it doesn’t hurt even a little, you are not growing
  37. Have an opinion, but don’t judge
  38. Always think and speak as if people are listening
  39. Set yourself free through transparency
  40. Listen, get to the point, don’t judge, shut up
  41. Do not use electronic communications for anything that matters
  42. Spend time on the things that matter
  43. Be a coach and choose your coach wisely
  44. Trust actions, not words
  45. Truthful and transparent communications is your most effective weapon against politics, manipulation and lies
  46. You can only manage what you can measure
  47. Deliberately promote the thing for which you want to be known
  48. Smile – not only is it contagious it can also change a negative to positive (Nov 30, 2013 Linette Neumeyer)
  49. Asking the right question is more important than having the right answer (Nov 30, 2013 Beverly Moore)
  50. Take the risk! If you don’t, you’ll never know (Nov 30, 2013 Kathleen Marcaccio)
  51. Be prepared to do it other than your way (Nov 30, 2013 Mark W. Habel)
  52. Be nice to people (Nov 30, 2013 Dave Marcaccio)