If it’s important, leave nothing to chance

BlocksStackedWeek 2 of 2014 is already in the rearview mirror! Whoosh! We are all just living our lives separately, and together. Hidden behind lists of ‘to-dos’ are everyone’s priorities. We send clues about what is important by how we spend time. What’s important to you may not be a priority for me. If you want me to have a sense of urgency about your task, don’t assume that I buy into your need. Let’s talk.

Did you spend the right amount of time on your top priority this week? Did you give it the attention it deserved? Or did you think “If I get a chance I will …. get to the gym, call my daughter, shovel my Mom’s drive, wish Happy New Year to my customers, thank employees.” You’ll never have time if you don’t make time.


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