Care enough to take the time to know people

listeningdogWho’s got time for caring? I do, and so do you. It’s not about making more time, but changing how you view time.

I met many people this week at conferences and I could have just shook their hand and moved on, but my approach is much different. I put my mind and heart into listening to them. I say their name aloud to acknowledge them and help me remember the pronunciation of their name. I look at them when they speak. I work hard to stay focused and not be distracted by others moving about in the room. This takes energy. I ask for their business card and when they give it to me I look at it. (This seems like common sense, doesn’t it?) I try to create an image in my head of who they are by capturing their story. Sometimes I ask “What brings you to this conference?”  And then I listen to their answer. (More common sense but when you are distracted it is hard to do) The more interesting their story, the more likely I will remember them.

I make a habit to update my contacts at the end of every week. It only takes a few minutes and I usually do it during my “Thank You Fridays” time. This is 15 minutes on my calendar every week where I reflect on accomplishments. I send a note to at least one person who helped make my week awesome.

Showing you care is a mindset.


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