Be nice to people

This week I attended a communication’s workshop on messaging. I learned about how our language activates frames in our brains. I gained an appreciation for the differences between the ‘Strict Father” and “Nurturing Family” worldviews. It was fascinating!

Instead of talking about politics this holiday season, I’m going to ask people “What are you doing for others this holiday season?”. Then, I’ll share my adopt-a-family story. I learned that this value-based language activates ‘care brainwaves’.

Hopefully, we’ll all be nicer to each other by focusing on values instead of sides.

Act 5: Care – The key to leadership


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  1. I appreciate the value of your message. Conscious living – making a choice even in our daily behavior – it’s a big deal. What mark do we make on earth as we think our thoughts and enact them? Higher thinking seeks to connect, not divide.

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