Be a coach and choose your coach wisely

Wise OwlsI learn about myself when I listen, like a third person, to the coaching dialogue taking place.

I’m not talking about when I’m giving advice such as: “In my opinion, XYZ solution is the best choice for you“. I’m talking about listening to the whole conversation when someone is seeking to improve a skill, gain knowledge or change behaviors.

I learn from the questions I’m asking and wonder…..Am I asking questions based on what’s important to me, or them? …. Am I helping them get to where they want to go, or where I want them to go? It is hard, maybe impossible, to put aside my filters, desires and opinions. Understanding myself helps me be aware of when I’m doing this. The funny thing is that the other person sees it plainly.

Finding a coach that really has your best interests in mind will take deliberate thought and reflection. Choose wisely!


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