Ask the right questions

It’s becoming ever more difficult, and important, for us to own our truth; to become media literate.

As leaders, people watch how we respond. Because of the Digital Age, we have immediate access to both truthful and malicious information. It’s our responsibility to figure out what is true.

We do that by asking good questions:

  • Is this a trusted source?
  • Does the writer present all sides?
  • Is the writer trying to invoke an emotional response instead of informing me?
  • Have other independent sources written on this issue?

We know the Russians, and others, manipulate us with psychological tactics aimed at influencing our behavior. They do it by tugging at our emotions, highlighting flaws, repositioning the competition, promoting exclusivity and introducing fear, uncertainty and doubt. This is something marketing experts have been doing to us for years!  Psychological Tactics

Don’t be a victim, be a leader in media literacy. #ProtectTheTruth


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