Act 4: Role Model

Deliberately selecting and being a role model defines character

We pick up mannerisms, thought processes, and behaviors from the people around us. And they pick up these things from us.

Finding a role model boils down to values. Our values drive how we respond to others. That is why it’s important to be deliberate about finding role models that align with our values.

If you value integrity, you’ll look for someone who does the right thing, even though it’s hard. You’ll look for people who treat others with fairness and decency. You’ll watch to see if they do what they say they’ll do.  These are all characteristics that describe a person with integrity.  If you value these behaviors, and want to become more like that person, reach out to them. Ask for their time either formally as a mentor, or informally as a friend.

Also, never underestimate the impact you have on others who are looking to you as their role model.

The Seven Acts of Leadership 


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