Act 3: Connect with a clear vision and a believable story

shutterstock_283459886The initiative will touch every employee. The project sponsor needed to find a way to connect with the team during the kick-off meeting.

“Tell your story. Focus on the 3 goals we’ve been talking about for months. Describe how the project will change the lives of listeners. Draw a mental image of a day in the life of an employee once the hard work of the project team becomes reality.”

When people understand the why, they listen closer to the how. The level of engagement and buy-in during a meeting can be measured by the number of clarification questions asked and concerns raised. Questions mean people are chewing on the idea to see if it is believable.

It’s the sponsor’s job to communicate the vision. It’s the project manager’s job to architect a way to reach it. It’s for the audience to decide if the story is believable.

Dependencies:  Act 1: Know Where You Are Going and Act 2: Broker Capability


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