Act 1: Know where you’re going

wordsSuperLogoHello 2016 – It’s me, the Laser Lecture blogger. I’m dedicating this year to the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt and her quote “Let’s do the thing that we think we cannot do”.

This new beginning is a good time to figure out where we are going. Is there unrealized potential in your life? Have you been dreaming about a new job, a stronger relationship, or improved fitness?  What does that look like?

These days I’m dreaming about an organization that embodies shared leadership where power is distributed. It is my vision for the Change Management Institute where I am the USA Country Lead. Having a vision and setting goals enables realization of our dreams. Crystalize that vision and let people know where you’re going so, if they choose, they can help you.

January – July I’ll start the month with an Act from The 7 Acts of Leadership Model and each week a Laser Lecture will reinforce the step so you can make progress toward “that thing you think you cannot do” —– but you willBring it on 2016!