7 Acts Model

The 7 Acts of Leadership is a leadership development model.

This learning guide is not about management skills or industry knowledge; it is about character development. The model is built on the premise that the leader will seek the knowledge, and practice the skills, needed at the right time if they stay focused on leader behaviors.

We all have a special talent we bring to the world. Blending your personal or corporate uniqueness with the 7 Acts of Leadership Model will produce the next generation of leaders. Workbook activities guide the individual on a journey. There are no correct or incorrect answers. Only you know how the activities relate to your life.

If you are curious but not ready to lead, that is ok. Start your journey by joining the newsletter or contributing as a blogger at the Fireside Chat.

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The guide is a quick reminder to help leader candidates make good decision about how they spend each day.

If you are a business leader concerned about developing your workforce, consider making the Learning to Lead in the Digital Age workshop part of your strategic planning session.

Act 7: Live Right – Choices made when no one is looking

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