Michelle’s Vision for Leaders: Setting the standard for leadership in the digital age by leading change through collaboration and inventing new ways to create value. Today’s leaders blaze trails, broker capability and connect by sharing their story. They are role models that care about people and outcomes. They have the courage to do what is right even when no one is looking. Digital age leaders have influence because of who they are and not from a title in a box on an organization chart.

Michelle’s Mission is to:

  1. Serve today’s leaders by changing how they lead themselves and others
  2. Provide a unique leadership model as a guide for learning
  3. Provide hope for emerging leaders seeking informal learning options
  4. Get the conversation started so trailblazer leaders can leave their legacy
  5. Help older and younger workers relate to each other’s viewpoints
  6. Transform traditional project managers into change leaders

Michelle Pallas Laser Lecture

a symbol of wisdom

Recent Blog Posts

Ask the right questions

It's becoming ever more difficult, and important, for us to own our truth; to become media literate. As leaders, people watch how we respond. Because of the Digital Age, we have immediate access to both truthful and malicious information. It's our responsibility to figure out what is read more...

Know where you're going

It's okay to wander, to discover and explore. That's how we find our passion. That's how we change. Passion is the thing we would do even if it was for read more...

Smile. Say Thank You. Mean it.

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Spend time on the things that matter

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If it matters, make it personal

Leaders know that how they spend time sends a message about what is important. When we show up to thank employees for their service, we tell everyone that the human touch is important. read more...

Be a coach and choose your coach wisely

This Laser Lecture goes out to coaches who are fixers. During the rush of the holidays, some of us just want to make problems go away instead of leveraging a teachable read more...