Michelle’s Vision for Leaders: Setting the standard for leadership in the digital age by leading change through collaboration and inventing new ways to create value. Today’s leaders blaze trails, broker capability and connect by sharing their story. They are role models that care about people and outcomes. They have the courage to do what is right even when no one is looking. Digital age leaders have influence because of who they are and not from a title in a box on an organization chart.

Michelle’s Mission is to:

  1. Serve today’s leaders by changing how they lead themselves and others
  2. Provide a unique leadership model as a guide for learning
  3. Provide hope for emerging leaders seeking informal learning options
  4. Get the conversation started so trailblazer leaders can leave their legacy
  5. Help older and younger workers relate to each other’s viewpoints
  6. Transform traditional project managers into change leaders

Michelle Pallas Laser Lecture

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Recent Blog Posts

You don’t win trust, you earn trust

On my first day of work, I showed up on time and ready to work. In turn, my new client welcomed me to a clean work space with all the tools I needed to become part of the corporate ecosystem. There were cues about the organization's culture: the level of preparedness, the soft tone of background voices, and the warm greetings from peers. This was the start of making connections; building trust. It's a volley of read more...

Act 3: Connect

Making connections depends on a clear vision and a believable story. "You could have heard a pin drop" That expression is the essence of this week's message. It describes a moment when people are listening so intently to your story that everyone is standing still in silence. Why does this happen?  It happens when your story is their story. read more...

Never take your network for granted

Are you there for them? Do you show up to support them when they achieve a credential, get promoted, or present at the association dinner meeting?  Do you celebrate together? Or are you too busy; yet, you expect them to be there for you when you need advice, a reference, or a shoulder to help you through a difficult read more...

Surround yourself with people you admire

Look around. Are you spending time with people of character; people who have leadership behaviors that you wish for in yourself? Are they people who challenge your thinking, push you to grow, hold you read more...

The door to change opens from within

If you wish your friends, co-workers and boss would support you better, maybe it's time to retool your network. It takes a deliberate effort to jump into the unknown. It's always easier when there is someone who supports you by providing wisdoms and encouragement. That's your Courage read more...

Act 2: Broker Capability

Finding your #CourageCoach means looking around at the people in your network. Who is the person you trust with ideas you consider most intimate?  This is someone who doesn't judge you. They will explore crazy ideas with you by asking good read more...